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When it comes to planning for one's career, MMELive has a multi-pronged philosophy that is core to our College Recruitment Labs initiative.  


Our first belief is framed by student's having a good overall understanding of their respective passions, interests and natural strengths.  Our reco to students is simply this - Know thyself and thrive™ - meaning students who go into the College & Career development process having a solid grasp of their natural talents and interests have a much greater chance of achieving a successful outcome - that of finding a fulfilling and rewarding career path...


Secondly...our College Recruitment Labs, are by design, built upon the philosophy of a Purpose Driven Education™. Here again, when students have a passion for a given career path and plan, they are much more likely to execute against this plan and achieve a succcessful outcome or conclusion. As such, our College Recruitment Lab's are designed to help student's gain visibility into well suited careers where they can then match-up with appropriate educational pathways that will prepare them for successful career launches.


"MMELive has worked with a broad cross-section of partners including: Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Economic Development Agencies, State College Systems, Educational Foundations and Career Assessment partners located across the U.S. to help engage the next generation of students in what we define as 'Purpose Driven Education™'.  Our goal is simple - we want to ensure the next generation of students make the right Education decisions that leads them to fulfilling and successful career pathways.  We do this by partnering with Colleges & Universities to develop Mobile Career Labs that can be placed on High School Campuses for a day - where we host 'meaningful conversations' with rising HS students - where College Alumni take the time to provide meaningful career guidance and insights that helps attending students to establish the critical framework that will guide their education choices going forward. College Recruitment Labs are a WIN-WIN opportunity to engage students who learn how to make meaningful 'Plans' with constructive help of the Sponsoring Colleges."  

Bob Lewis - Executive Producer 'College Recruitment Labs'

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