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MMELive has worked with a broad cross-section of partners including: Colleges, Universities, High Schools, Economic Development Agencies, State College Systems, Educational Foundations and Career Assessment partners to help engage the next generation of students through our Mobile College Recruitment Lab’s initiative. Our goal is simple - we want to ensure the next generation of students make the right education decisions that will lead them to fulfilling and successful career pathways.  We do this by partnering with Colleges & Universities to develop Mobile Career Labs that can be placed on High School campuses for a day. College Recruitment Labs are a WIN-WIN opportunity for Colleges & Universities seeking to grow enrollment by engaging students who need help and guidance to make meaningful 'Future Plan Decisions' with constructive help of the Sponsoring College alumni.


MMELive specializes in Sponsorship Activation and leveraging all aspects of a Sponsor Partnerships to maximize value back to our clients.  From rich, tech-infused on-site consumer experiences, to B2B hospitality and full-scope Brandcasting® productions, MMELive's deep experience in Sponsorship Activation has placed MMELive in every conceivable event and venue in Sports, Music, Education & Entertainment marketplace.  

“From State Fairs to the Super Bowl, I attended many events and worked alongside of MME’s management and field staff on a daily basis. In an industry full of unexpected challenges and long days, MME’s upbeat attitude and passion for excellence made the experience of working together fun.  Not only did they always deliver but they delivered in a way I found refreshing compared to others.”

Sue Laurent – Consumer Promotions Manager – Kraft


MMELive leverages live media to create platforms to initiate transactions, acquire new customers, and generate sales leads.  Whether consumer-focused or in B2B channels such as mobile showrooms & trade shows, we have a proven history of engineering transactional marketing and branding campaigns that often become significant to the Chief Sales or Revenue Officers we serve and support.  MMELive was awarded a trademark for integrated LiveDirect® Marketing strategies and methodologies we deploy.


MMELive brings brand and product experiences to life and takes them on the road. Whether touring from city-to-city or hopping from location to location within a specific market, we create entertainment-based, digitally integrated Brand Experiences.  MMELive has designed, engineered and built-out over 150 mobile campaigns covering every conceivable vehicle form imaginable.


Mobile Road-Shows remain popular as they provide a sure-fire means to attract attention and drive meaningful connections with targeted audiences, while infusing front-line technology applications that become the true catalyst for Brandcasting® those experiences across a broad spectrum of social and digital media interfaces.

“To provide great people throughout the country with the opportunity and ultimately the tools to “Make a Difference” is an amazing, but challenging undertaking.  MME’s team consistently demonstrates Timberland’s core values of Humanity, Humility, Integrity and Excellence.  For that, as well as the superior, top notch service they provide on a daily basis, we are grateful.”

Jennifer Boulanger – Timberland


MMELive has a proven history of developing custom Media Properties designed to satisfy the needs of brand and agency partners who are seeking to meet socially relevant causes head on.  Exclusive MMELive properties like our Senior-TechRally®, Taste of Victory® and College Recruiting Labs™ all succeed in providing deep and meaningful experiences for the targeted audiences and in doing so, provide unique and relevant Sponsorship opportunities for brand and alliance partners that help fund program development and operations.  CMO’s take notice as Media Properties often gain book-value on the balance sheets and can potentially become Profit Centers thanks to sponsor participation. 


MMELive designs and engineers integrated experiential strategies that often incorporate Branded Content productions which we have deployed as a trademarked service going back as far as 2007.  We call this Brandcasting®.  We were leaders in recognizing the value in harnessing the power of tech-infused experiences that ensured that our consumer engagements could and would be shared instantaneously, and in many cases, automatically from our experiential footprints.  In our world view – we see MMELive activation teams as Brandcasters® who partner with brand and agency digital teams to ensure maximum lift and exposure.  Bottom Line: “Experiential media is the true catalyst that drives meaningful social that can scale local activations to national reach and impact.”

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