A word from our chief architect,

Bob Lewis


​“Our business model is built to support a marketplace demanding accountability. As the Founder & Chief Experience Officer, I touch every single initiative and ensure Performance is a cornerstone of the solutions MMELive brings to our customers. MMELive has the collective expertise and capabilities that ensures successful outcomes across a full spectrum Experiential Offerings including…



Experiential Marketing is an ever-evolving medium with MMELive playing an important role in leading the transformation we refer to as Tech-Infused Experiential Media™.  MMELive recognizes that our job is to help our brand and agency partners design and build rich, memorable brand experiences that generate Authentic BrandLove.  We take great pride in our work given that we are the Live Extension of the Brands we serve and with 60,000 brand event activations under our belt – we do know a thing or two about making those interactions count!  We see ourselves as Experiential Engineers that know the craft as good as anyone in the business.  Check out some of our great work!


Throughout the course of our 27-year history, MMELive is proud to have earned the opportunity to serve a broad cross-section of recognized brand and agency partners.  During this timeframe, MMELive has evolved the practice of assembling fully integrated vendor and agency partnerships that can collectively deliver the full-scale production and tech-infused Experiential Media campaigns that combine the fine art of Show Production, PR / Social activations, Multi-Media content productions and performance-based LiveDirect® Marketing campaigns all under an umbrella which we define as MMELive Brandcasting®.  In our world-view the ‘Show Must Go On’, regardless of snow, ice or god-given natural disasters and we’ve moved mountains and chartered planes to assure performance.


MMELive is defining a new category of Performance Driven Experiential Media that Energizes Brands, Inspires and Fuels Social and Cultural Movements and functions like Rocket Fuel for today’s 360° digital campaigns.  


MMELive has an evolved 'Visionary Marketing Practice' built-on a 27+ year history of partnering with America's top brands & agencies. Our thinking and work are 'Game Changing’ and always recognized for driving accountable lift in Brand Metrics thanks to our trademark LiveDirect® Marketing technologies and visionary Brandcasting® content integrations.  Our goal is simple, we are in business to Advance Your Brand® and we never lose sight of this objective.


We are fearless, entrepreneurial thinkers who know how to take seeds of ideas from our brand and agency partners and turn these ideas into powerful scalable activations that help brands move the needle on all-important brand equities.


2377 John Glenn Drive, Suite 106

Atlanta, GA 30341


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